Analog Love in Digital Times (Part 1)


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released November 24, 2014

All Songs written, performed, recorded,
engineered and mixed by DB except:
Rob Brown - drums on "Powder, Sparrows, Streams,
Spangled, Ctrl Z, Slowing Down The Sun"
Stan Cherian - Fender Rhodes on "Powder"
Murray Pulver - Additional guitars on "Secondhand Heart"
Sara Brown and Melissa Matheson - Hand Claps on "Ctrl-Z"

“The Strangest Thing” mixed by Jordan Jackiew
Recorded at The Brownsound (Mississauga, Ontario)
Produced by Drew Brown
Mastering by and DB



all rights reserved


DREW BROWN Toronto, Ontario

a canadian singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who creates soulful pop, rock and electrofolk music with an ambient twist.

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Track Name: Let Go
the punches we threw overboard (are now)
smashing thru my ribcage (like)
shipwrecks with no saviour
no sails and all anchors 
all we are is not enough
cause its all in disrepair
from cannon fire of
misguided anger…. (but)

i won't let you go
i won't let you go
oh i won't, no i won't
let go, let go

please please we can never stop
Knocking down giants
poke at sleeping lions
maintain this strong alliance
cause all we are is full of love
but our hulls are leaking (and this)
levee is breaking (but)
baby, we can take it...

can't make it on our own - we can't make it on our own
we can fake it - but not for long though 
can't make it on our own - we can't make it on our own
Track Name: Keep Your Powder Dry
what lips can't say, the heart won't remember
what eyes don't see, the heart won't grieve over
cause when the cannon fire disrupts the night
you better hold it together and child, keep your powder dry

scars are memories etched in skin
and a warning that you may bleed again
strange that you come alive, when you almost die
(you wanna live a lie, to feel alive)
you better know the ledge and learn to keep your powder dry 

what night hides, the day will reveal soon
and what war destroys.. love and peace will surely bloom
or so i'm told and I'm sure its right
you better put your trust in God and keep your powder dry
when the moment comes, will you know your escape route 
or ignore the sound of the dogs coming to get you
cause its a hard hard world, but you can survive
you better watch your 6 and learn to keep your powder dry

Track Name: CTRL-Z
Dark is the night and cold are the souls
Of lovers who have lost all control.
Always has and always been
is remorse is the only help left for them

I would - take it back
make it all disappear
I would- eat the words 
that no one I love should ever hear
If I could I would

Words and deeds have ripped our castle down
burned the forest and the village to the ground
It came like a giant drunk on witches brew
stepping and crushing all the important
things to me and you

And if these walls could speak
they’d day I was in the wrong
and if this heart could sing
it would be one sorry song
oh the mistakes we’ve made
its our hearts that have carried the weight
Track Name: Slowing Down The Sun
your eyes at dawn... brilliant indeed
everything is aglow.... inside of me
my words are wasted.. i can't  speak
beauty has stunned the beast

i don't wanna rush this.. no, not at all
can we ease this pace down to a crawl
(baby) hold your breath... put your hand in mine
this moment is running out of time

i just want the sun to slow down
so we can  be stuck here for awhile
i just want the sun to slow down for us

its a mad love in a mad world
when the hurried hand of a boy loses the girl
and i'd be a mad boy to let you leave
Cause your smile at dusk... brilliant indeed

what if our love.. could slow the sun
what if our love could pause time
what if all you wanted could be yours
would you still be mine

should we get out of here
before the sun disappears
or should i ask sister moon to wait for me
cause your eyes right now....   brilliant indeed
Track Name: The Same Way
O the mighty.. how they've fallen
for the glory and all that’s golden
and we tremble… but stand our ground
for the treasure of what we’ve found

And all we are and all we know
is ever-changing the further we go
and while all we see slowly fades
I might look years older but I feel the same way
We've had our wars (and) we had our wins
And I know we'll surely have them again 
(Cause its) in the struggle + in the surrender
is where our hearts are fixed together

Even on your worst day
with your best excuse
i'll still want you and only you
even when i struggle to find
the simplest words to say
oh my love remains

...and perhaps its deeper… and so much stronger
and to be honest.. i'm prone to falter
when you’re different person when the doors are closed
and I know my babe, I got a ways to go

In the hands of the maker our love will sustain
What we have isn’t perfect and that’s ok 
I might look years older but I feel the same way